Professional Nuclear Medicine Scan


For a professional nuclear medicine scan in Brisbane, look no further than Metro Radiology. Nuclear Medicine is a sub-speciality of medical imaging that uses small amounts of radiopharmaceutical (tracer) to diagnose a variety of serious conditions and diseases. From cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological disorders and other abnormalities, Metro Radiology offers the perfect solution for those wanting a professional nuclear medicine scan in Brisbane, to diagnose and determine the severity of a disease.

Please note, the radioactive medication is more commonly injected, however certain scans may require inhalation or swallowing of the tracer. A special Nuclear Medicine camera detects the radiation emitted from the body and provides structural and functional information of the body system examined. You will be slightly radioactive for a short time, with the amount of tracer given kept to a minimum to reduce radiation dose.


Please note, appointments are mandatory for Metro Radiology’s nuclear medicine scan in Brisbane. Please simply phone our friendly staff on 1300 163 876 or (07) 33669123, or simply fill out our online form to book an appointment.


The time required for testing varies from 30 minutes to 4-6 hours, with bowel transit studies requiring scanning for 30 minutes for five consecutive days. Each patient will be made aware of the expected duration prior to testing.


At Metro Radiology, our professional nuclear medicine scan generally does not require special preparation, however all patients will be advised of the appropriate preparation should it be necessary. Please note that certain scans or health conditions may require unique preparation prior to the scan taking place. Preparation may include:

  • 6-12 hour fast (for hepatobiliary HIDA scans)
  • Bringing a list of current medications (for myocardial perfusion scans, renal scans or thyroid scans)

Please note, if you are pregnant or may be pregnant, or are currently breast feeding, please alert your doctor and Metro Radiology staff prior to the Nuclear Medicine scan.

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