Professional Mammography Brisbane


Metro Radiology’s professional mammography in Brisbane is a specialized form of X-ray used to examine the breasts, which is used as both a diagnostic and screening tool.

At Metro Radiology, our experienced Mammographers possess the necessary skills to ensure you’re receiving a professional mammography in Brisbane. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our Radiologists are best positioned to detect and diagnose serious disease early, most commonly breast cancer.


Please note, appointments are mandatory for Metro Radiology’s professional mammography in Brisbane.Please simply phone our friendly staff on 1300 163 876 or (07) 33669123, or simply fill out our online form to book an appointment.


At Metro Radiology, we ask all patients to allow at least 30 minutes for a professional mammography in Brisbane. While the scanning time generally takes between 10-15 minutes, often extra views are necessary to ensure clear images are taken and may take longer.


While there is generally no preparation required, all patients will be advised of any unique preparation required at the time of the appointment booking.

If you have previous Mammograms please bring along to your appointment.

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