Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Metro Radiology’s quality magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan in Brisbane is facilitated by a state-of-the-art digital 3 Tesla (3T) MRI scanner, allowing high definition cross sectional imaging and three dimensional image reconstruction of the body without ionizing radiation. While claustrophobia is a known problem experienced by some patients having an MRI scan, our new digital 3T MRI scanner incorporates the latest advanced design, allowing a more spacious feeling within the scanner gantry without the compromise of increased scan time required by traditional wide bore MRI scanner.


Please note, appointments are mandatory for Metro Radiology’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan in Brisbane. Please phone our friendly staff on 1300 163 876 or (07) 33669123, or simply fill out our online form to book an appointment.


Most scans will take approximately 30 minutes for the actual scan but special preparation for certain scans may take longer.


All patients will be advised of the appropriate preparation when booking is made. Certain implantable medical devices are contraindicated to MRI, as a general guide, it is advised patients to inform our staff of the following devices at the time of booking:

  • Implantable cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, electrical stimulator or infusion pump
  • Previous insertion of aneurysm clips or coils, vascular stents or filters, or surgical shunts
  • Previous joint replacement
  • Ovular (eye) or Cochlear (ear) implants
  • Metallic shrapnels, piercings or foreign bodies in your body

You will be required to fill out an MRI safety questionnaire on arrival for a more definitive check of the above contraindications prior to the scan.

Please note, if you are pregnant or may be pregnant, or have known kidney disease, please disclose this information to your doctor and Metro Radiology staff prior to undertaking an MRI scan.

Depending on the regions being scanned, it may be necessary to give the patient an injection of MRI dye (intravenous Gadolinium based contrast), which allows an enhanced and dynamic assessment of your internal organs, to ensure the scan is accurate and precise when diagnosing medical conditions.

In addition, there is a slim chance of allergic reaction to Gadolinium based contrast, which is unable to be determined prior to the scan. Allergic reactions are generally mild and treated immediately, with very few severe cases. At Metro Radiology, all staff members are qualified to deal with allergic reactions, should they arise. To ensure a quality magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan at Metro Radiology, please alert staff members to any previous contrast reactions or allergies, prior to having the injection.

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