Metro Radiology | Interventional Procedures and Biopsy
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Interventional Procedures and Biopsy


Metro Radiology is the ultimate solution for those wanting an interventional procedure and biopsy in Brisbane. With experienced Radiologists and state-of-the-art equipment on hand, Metro Radiology offers a minimally invasive solution for detecting and diagnosing serious illness and disease. Common procedures including facet joint block, nerve root block, epidural block and musculoskeletal injections may be performed under CT imaging. Musculoskeletal injections may also be performed under ultrasound guidance. This minimally invasive procedure offers reduced risk and discomfort, while improving recovery time for patients. In addition, Metro Radiology’s imaging guided biopsy utilises a similar concept to guide the needle into the target organ to obtain samples for diagnostic purposes.


Please note, appointments are mandatory for Metro Radiology’s an interventional procedure and biopsy in Brisbane Please simply phone our friendly staff on 1300 163 876 or (07) 33669123, or simply fill out our online form to book an appointment.


The time required will vary depending on the type of procedure your doctor requested. You will be advised of the duration of your procedure at the time of booking.


The preparation required will vary depending on the type of procedure you are having. You will be advised of the preparation of your procedure when you make your appointment.

Contact Us

Our staff will call you back within 1 business day to arrange bookings.